We provide high calibre financial advisers and accountants with the opportunity to work alongside a well-capitalised partner to help grow their businesses organically and inorganically, as well as “de-risking” their succession plan.

The Opportunity

  • To increase their capability and scale by tapping into the resources of the AZ NGA group;
  • To be part of a game-changing team and enhance their professional skills by participating in the AZ NGA peer group;
  • To realise strong economic outcomes by growing the business whilst progressively selling down shares over time
  • To aid inorganic growth by making sensible acquisitions
  • To improve the standard of advice provided to clients by participating in the NGA Investment & Research Committee

Services and Support

Advisers will be provided with privileged access to:

  • AZ NGA Peer group & continuous improvement program;
  • AZ NGA’s unique succession funding model;
  • Access to debt and capital funding for growth;
  • AZ NGA Investment & Research committee;

Supporting Articles

How should Financial Advisors plan their succession?

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