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Established in 1993 Eureka Whittaker Macnaught (EWM) provides a full suite of financial planning services to clients from offices in Sydney and Brisbane. EWM is an award winning practice and won the Financial Wisdom Practice of the year 2014.

EWM manages over $540 million of client assets and provides investment advice, superannuation and retirement planning, estate planning, wealth protection, and strategic financial planning solutions. EWM employs 29 staff including 11 financial planners.

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Pride Advice was established in Adelaide, in South Australia in 2003.

It is a holistic advice firm, providing a range of services including retirement planning, investments, insurance and strategic financial planning. The firm employs 15 staff and services over 1,700 clients.

Pride Advice offers a variety of services including:

    • Financial Planning
    • Superannuation
    • Retirement Planning
    • Aged Care Planning
    • Risk/Insurance Planning
    • Redundancy
  • Investments
  • Budgeting
  • Centrelink Support

Their core values are simple but compelling. They are Professionalism, Trust, Integrity, and Respect. They promote a working environment of openness, transparency, positivity, and fun. These values dictate the way they operate both internally and externally and are critical to the way they do business and build relationships. They are environmentally conscious and strive as a team to under-promise and over-deliver on their client’s expectations. Their simple motto is “We do what we say”.
Pride Advice acquired Adelaide based Bailey Capital Management (BCM), which advises over 400 clients with $97million FUA under RI Advice.

In early June 2018, Pride Advice established its Sydney based office.



Lifestyle Financial Planning Services (LFPS) is a leading rural Victorian practice that provides high-quality financial advice to their clients.

Established in 2004, today it has three partners David Lannen, Lisa McPherson, and Tim Easton.  It has approximately 5,000 clients and 12 staff in its Geelong, Shepparton, and Echuca Offices.

It was the financial Wisdom Practice of the Year for Victoria and Tasmania in 2006, 2011 and 2014.

LFPS offers a broad range of services designed to meet their clients’ needs.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Specialist services designed to help more complex and personal needs

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Originally established in 1985, Financial Lifestyle Partners (FLP) has two offices at Donvale and Ringwood in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

In its current form, FLP was established in 2010 and now provides holistic advice to 300 clients, has $150 million in funds under advice and $1.6 million in risk premium.

In 1994 FLP’s founder Craig Ralph undertook a 3 year Research & Development program to be an early adopter of Fee for Service before launching the model in 1997. He then coached and assisted 33 other firms in converting to the Fee for Service model and their client service offering during the early and mid 2000’s.

FLP has won multiple National Practice and Adviser of the year awards. With ten team members including three advisers, their focus is strongly on helping clients achieve their personal, life, and business goals along with all areas of financial planning.

At FLP, they “partner with clients on the journey to enhancing their lives, both now and in the years ahead”.

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Originally established in 2005, Harvest Wealth as we know  today emerged following a merger in 2010 with another Mildura financial planning firm.  Committed to helping the people of rural Australia manage their financial affairs, Harvest Wealth and their experienced wealth management team offer a holistic advice service designed to help their clients grow, manage and protect their wealth.

Harvest Wealth is resourced by a team of experienced professionals providing a comprehensive range of financial planning services.  Their advice is based on what is best for the client and includes a range of financial planning services that is enhanced by strategies and services that add value to the client’s main goals.

An Award Winning Practice, operating from Mildura (Vic), Harvest Wealth was the Financial Wisdom National Practice of the year in 2012, National Quality Recognition in 2015, and many times State Practice of the Year (SA/NT) between 2006 and 2015.

Harvest Wealth is responsible for around $200 million of funds under advice.

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The Lifestyle Group (incorporating Wise Planners, Lifestyle Financial Services, Domane Mortgages, and Domane Financial Advisers) is an evolution of the original Lifestyle Financial Services company formed in 1994. CEO Gareth Hall founded the company and has steered it through over 25 years of financial planning excellence. Gareth is also a co-founder and treasurer of Workplace Super Specialists Australia (WSSA) and plays a key role in lobbying for superannuation reform in Australia.

Today the Lifestyle Group manages more than $2 billion of assets for our clients and supports clients across all Australian States and Territories and New Zealand.

The Lifestyle Group provides a comprehensive range of financial planning services including investment advice, retirement planning, insurance, mortgage broking and strategic financial planning advice. The Lifestyle Group also has a specialist capability in providing Superannuation and Group Insurance advice to some 200 Corporate clients located across Australia. Some long-term clients have been benefitting from first class service and advice for over 25 years.

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Founded by Jamie and Sheila Luxton the team now consists of 40 staff and is responsible for $640 million funds under advice.

The Wealthwise team are proud of the many clients that they have assisted in transitioning to a comfortable retirement, with a focus on both financial security and ensuring that they enjoy a great lifestyle.   Jamie is a great advocate for living a purposeful and happy life and believes this is one of the main reasons for most of the early clients still being with the business for more than 30 years.

In addition to retirement planning Wealthwise also offer a variety of other services, including estate planning, insurance, investment, aged care and wealth accumulation.

Over the past 10 – 15 years Wealthwise has been recognised for their work and are the recipient of many awards including Financial Wisdom Practice of the Year in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2015. They have also won the Western Australian Practice of the Year for 8 out of the past 10 years, as well as Quality Practice of the Year award for 2013.   Wealthwise also has a record for strategic advice with Wealthwise Adviser, Joseph Hoe, recently nominated for the AFA Adviser of the year and who also won the Money Management Financial Planner of the year.    Their culture also fosters the development of great young talent with Jamie Luxton being awarded Money Management, Women in Financial Services, Mentor of the year award.

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RI Toowoomba (RIT) was established in 1992 and has since grown to be a highly successful and well recognised business in South East Queensland. Led by Jeff and Linda English, the business strives to be the most visible and respected financial planning group in Toowoomba and the wider Region.  RI Toowoomba currently has $330 million of funds under advice and consists of 14 dedicated staff.

With expansion opportunities available, RI Toowoomba established RIT Coastal in 2018, with clients residing at the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Gladstone and everywhere in between. RIT Coastal currently has $86 million of funds under advice and consists of an additional 2 dedicated staff members.

The RIT team offer expert financial advice to clients tailoring their specialised services to meet each clients’ individual needs, thereby creating strong relationships and lifelong support and advice. The business offers services to manage every aspect of our client’s finances, during every stage of their life, including:

  • Getting started and growing your wealth
  • Family Protection Strategies
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Creation
  • Superannuation and Investment Advice
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Personalised Insurance Options
  • Aged Care and Pension Strategies
  • Family Succession Planning

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Priority Advisory Group (PAG) is based in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore and was founded back in 1987 – the practice is now a team with 17 connected and committed professionals who collectively have 375 years of financial industry experience to share with their valued clients.

PAG is widely acknowledged within the industry as a leading advice firm and are recognised for their contribution to both the advice industry as well as community and charitable causes.

The PAG team offer clients access to an extensive range of financial advisory services including investment and asset allocation advice, retirement planning, insurance, strategic financial planning advice, aged care and philanthropic services.

The team at Priority come together every day to Partner with whoever they engage with for a better life.

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Sterling Planners originates from a business founded by Brent Hutton in 1997 in Perth, however today operates from North Sydney with a national footprint.

While Sterling Partners offers a full suite of financial advisory services it has become well known as a market leader in facilitating UK pension transfers into the Australian superannuation system.

Sterling Planners are responsible for approximately $210 million of client funds and comprises a team of 7 including 3 Financial Planners. They are a member of the Fortnum financial advisory network and was the recipient of the 2015 Fortnum Practice of the Year and the Fortnum award for Operational Excellence.

Sterling Planners continues to work with local and UK advice firms to ensure innovative superannuation solutions are available for those people moving to Australia from the UK.

Advisory services to clients in Australia include:

  • Active portfolio management
  • Retirement planning
  • Personal Insurance
  • Strategic financial planning advice.
  • UK transfer specialists

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