In February 2014, Paul Barrett established Next Generation Advisory with a vision to unite the finest financial planning firms in Australia. He offered exceptional practices a unique framework to deliver enhanced certainty around capital flows, succession planning, and growth. “Our vision is to lift the benchmark for financial planning in Australia”.

By September 2014, NGA teamed up with Azimut Group to form AZ NGA. Azimut are a leading global financial planning and investment firm with offices in 16 countries around the world. They employ over 2,000 financial advisors globally and manage assets in the region of 50 billion euro. Azimut now also supply capital and know-how to AZ NGA to assist in the acquisition of the highest calibre practices. Azimut is listed on the Milan stock exchange and have a market cap of approximately 3 billion Euro.



Our key focus

The future for NGA is clear. Our business is focused on:

  • Acquiring high calibre financial planning and accounting practices in Australia over time;
  • Lifting the quality of advice in Australia by embracing the principles of open architecture, and fiduciary responsibility;
  • Providing the highest quality of know-how with respect to wealth generation and protection.

Our philosophy

Not all practices are created equally. AZ NGA partners with only the highest calibre practices.

Financial planners and accountants are Fiduciaries. This is because they are in the business of growing other peoples’ wealth, protecting that wealth, and enabling long-term financial outcomes to be met.

Financial planners and accountants should have a passionate interest in how their client’s wealth is being managed. Our firms debate and discuss global investment markets, the economic outlook, and portfolio construction on a monthly basis. This discussion leads to the model portfolio’s offered by our firms via their preferred platform.

Financial planning businesses should have strong capital backing and long-term business ambitions. Our strong capital backing and partnership with Azimut ensures that AZ NGA will stand the test of time and build a genuine trust in the provision of advice.

Our Parent Company: Azimut

Azimut is Italy's leading independent asset manager. The Group specialises in asset management and offers financial advisory services to investors primarily via its advisor networks. The Group has been active since 1989 and has been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2004. Over 1,400 managers, employees and financial advisors have been directly involved in the Azimut Holding shareholder structure since the IPO. This guarantees the stability and quality of company performances and provides a rare example of commitment and independence.

For more information on Azimut please click HERE.