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What we do

We invest in Financial Advisory and Accounting SMEs and focus on growth and succession.

Who we do it for

Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow organically or through acquisition.

For those planning to sell in the medium-to-short term, there are opportunities to link up with an experienced capital partner to continue building on your legacy and ensure staff and clients are properly looked after.

At AZ NGA, our purpose is to support business owners to achieve their goals. We don’t take a ‘management’ mentality to our partner firms. The decision to invest and partner with a firm is made because we believe in the firm’s culture, people and strategy.

The stats

AZ NGA - accounting financial advisory firms
AZ NGA - accounting financial advisory firms

Our expertise

SME Leadership and governance


We empower business owners to run their business their way with the added benefit of input and oversight from AZ NGA’s experienced senior leadership team and the backing of a large, listed parent company.

We provide support to establish business goals, targets and key performance indicators.

Entrepreneurial succession

AZ NGA - accounting financial advisory firms

We provide innovative succession solutions for business owners who are seeking a staged exit but remain committed to taking care of staff and clients, maximising the value of their business, and recycling the equity to hand the baton to the next generation.

Capital for growth

AZ NGA - accounting financial advisory firms

Backed by one of Europe’s largest independent financial services companies, Azimut Group, we are uniquely positioned to provide flexible capital funding solutions.

Whatever your needs, we can design and structure a transaction to suit you. We can execute all types of deals including tuck-ins, book buys and large scale acquisitions.


AZ NGA - accounting financial advisory firms

Whatever challenges lie ahead, be they personal or professional, we can provide practical support including issues and crisis management, business coaching and the facilitation of conflict resolution.

At every stage of the business life cycle, we are here to provide guidance.


AZ NGA - accounting financial advisory firms

Our SME partners are united by common values and a shared vision to collectively build a stronger AZ NGA.

Across the AZ NGA network, we are looking for opportunities to share costs, capabilities and customers. Our people generously share their experiences, insights and best ideas.


AZ NGA’s equity offer is flexible, with the ability to take a minority or majority interest in businesses and provide long-term buy-out options for shareholders.

AZ NGA’s valuation methodology is based on a multiple of normalised Net Profits after Tax (NPAT). The AZ NGA deal structure looks to ensure that all parties are aligned and growth and out performance are rewarded.

In addition to capital to fund M&A, AZ NGA can work with your business to:
Capitalise on the fundamental drivers of growth; drive operational efficiencies; and Protect against revenue shocks.

Hear from our partner firms

Brett Schatto

Brett Schatto, Founder and CEO of Pride Advice, was only 44 years old when AZ NGA approached him in 2014 about an equity partnership.

At the time, succession was the furthest thing from his mind.

However, Schatto could see that financial advice was fast becoming a profession and he lacked the skills, capacity and capital to take Pride Advice to the next level.

In May 2015, Pride Advice became the second business to join AZ NGA. So far on the journey, Pride Advice has completed two acquisitions and almost tripled its revenue.

“Like it or not, advice is now a profession and business owners need the skills to run a professional services business. If they don’t have them, then they need to partner with a strong, experienced organisation to assist them,” Schatto says. 

Hear from our partner firms

Michael Furness

Michael describes his personality as ‘’engaging’’ and his management style as “conservative”.

As the General Manager of Farrow Hughes Mulcahy (FHM), a financial advisory firm that manages the wealth of retirees and pre-retirees, being conservative is a good thing but he still wants to be challenged and stretched.

The firm’s strategic partnership with AZ NGA guarantees that.

From their first interaction, AZ NGA has continuously challenged Furness and the group’s founding partners, Michael Farrow, Craig Hughes and Daniel Mulcahy, to think big and act decisively to secure their future.

“We’re constantly challenged to increase our capability and capacity. We’ve been presented with a number of potential acquisitions and AZ NGA is able to arrange capital funding but our default position is, we’re successful, we’ve built in a level of comfort and our team culture drives us so any change has got to be compelling,” Furness says.

“We like being asked the question. We know we will be supported no matter which way we go.”

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Accounting Financial Advisory Firms


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