AZ NGA was established in 2014 to build a formidable privately-owned integrated accounting and advisory partnership.

We invest in high quality, professional accounting and financial advisory businesses, offering our partners a unique framework that delivers certainty around capital flows and succession planning, backed by European investment firm Azimut Group.

Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, Azimut Group (AZM.IM) is Italy’s leading independent asset manager with over 50.8 billion euros under management. The group has close to 100 investment professionals and over 2,000 financial advisers in 17 countries around the world.

AZ NGA is not a licensee, fund manager, franchise or roll-up of disparate firms.  Our mission is to invest in firms where we see an alignment of values and an opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs to effectively execute their business strategy.

While we actively support our underlying firms, we don’t try and change how they run their businesses. As successful entrepreneurs in their own right, our firms control and manage their value proposition, pricing, recruitment, marketing and so on because they understand their clients and local market better than anyone else.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Capital funding for growth
  • Capital management
  • M & A support
  • Strategy and execution support
  • Board governance
  • Succession planning
  • A community of like-minded professionals
  • Data and insights

Our philosophy

Financial advisers and accountants are fiduciaries.

They are entrusted by their clients to prudently manage their affairs and act in their best interests.

As fiduciaries, financial advisers and accountants also have a responsibility to manage their own businesses well and grow profitability to ensure that they can continue investing in their value proposition and will be around for a long time to meet the needs of their clients and future generations.

That’s why we spend a lot of time getting to know our businesses intimately. We take a keen interest in how they manage their clients’ affairs, and we work closely principals and staff to continuously improve systems and processes.

On a regular basis, our business owners get together to network and share best practice on running and growing SME businesses.

But we’re not just investing in high-quality businesses.

Ultimately, we’re investing in high calibre people. Our goal is to come alongside entrepreneurs and help them accelerate business growth and success.