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This website and other related websites for which AZ Next Generation Advisory is a portal (this website) is a general information service owned and operated by AZ Next Generation Advisory Limited ACN 167 960 018 (AZ NGA) and other companies that are associates of AZ NGA.   No financial advice is intended to be provided by this.

Your access to this website is subject to the terms set out in this notice, the Privacy Policy, notices, disclaimers and any other terms or other statements contained on this website (referred to collectively as the Terms). By using this website you agree to be subject to the Terms.

This website is for the use of persons in Australia only. References to currency are in Australian dollars. This material has not been prepared as financial advice and does not take into account a potential investor’s objectives, financial situation or needs. You should not do, or refrain from doing, anything based on the information provided in this website.

AZ NGA believes the information in this website is correct and it has reasonable grounds for any opinion or recommendation found within, as at the date the relevant part of this website was last updated. However, AZ NGA and its directors, employees and agents are not liable for any loss or damage incurred by any person as a result of any error in any information, opinion or recommendation in this website. This does not limit any rights a person has under any relevant consumer legislation.

Nothing in this website is, or should be taken as, an offer, invitation or recommendation to buy or sell any investment in or make any deposit.

While AZ NGA regularly updates its virus protection software, it cannot ensure against malicious virus attacks against this website. It is your responsibility to ensure that all downloads made from our site and emails received in your system are scanned for viruses.

Copyright in this website is owned by or licensed to AZ NGA unless otherwise indicated. This website may also contains trademarks, logos and symbols which are either owned by AZ NGA or used with the permission of the owners.  You are entitled to use the information in this website for your personal reference only. Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) or other applicable laws, you must not reproduce, adapt, upload, download, link to, frame, perform in public, transmit or distribute any content from this website or any part of it (in whatever form or by whatever process) unless you have obtained AZ NGA’s prior written approval. AZ NGA is not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from any of the above acts which are not authorised by AZ NGA, nor will it be responsible for any content of other sites which are accessed via this website.

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and of the Federal Court of Australia.

The Terms can be modified at any time by AZ NGA and you agree to continue to be bound by these Terms as modified. The revised Terms will be published on this website and not otherwise notified to you separately.

AZ Next Generation Advisory Limited ACN 167 960 018 does not give financial advice and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence and accordingly AZ NGA expressly make no offer to manage funds or provide investment advice. If you require these services you may be referred to an appropriate practice who will provide you with a separate advice relating to the financial services that they may provide.

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